Monday, October 31, 2005

t.A.T.u. something new...

Brad Pitt

Since Angie is here its his turn to come over )) Hot? Ohhhh baby yes )) Talanted?Weeeell... people say so, but still never got any award for his work,so that says much , doesnt it? Like Tom Cruise...poor guy he does suck... I mean he doesnt change trought the movies..He is same old Tom from "Top Gun"... And why I keep talking about Tom since I post Brad... Soooo we go back to Brad... hot hot hot *cold shower* hoooooot ... and nothing, aaabsolutly nothing special with the stuff I have done around this picture...So dont bother to comment it )))

Nicole Kidman

I will be honest with u.... I really did NOT like her, but then...but then..I dont know exactly when I just started to love her performance!! She is very ,very talanted and I do mean it )) Plus she has this unusual pale beauty ;) which I just (hot to say) pointed specificly in this picture... Her eyes are beautiful and the whitness of the skin soooooo here you go Nicole...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scarlett Johansson

The new generation of Marilyn Monroe ! Isnt it so ? Young, talanted and mysteriouse... i ll post more about this picture tomorrow.. Now is time for bed ))

Forbidden fruit ?

Lady London

This picture I have made like two weeks ago in the center of London. I have posted in my russian page and many of my friends just love it. There is such a "return to the past" feeling and thats why I have decided to go for the retro look. I keep wondering if this Lady is pushing this piano every weekend or its just special ocassions like my comming over?

Jude Law

I am a bit sleepy right now, so maybe that is the reason I ve re-made this picture ( thought its stupid, cause he should look sexy not sleepy haha)...
The cute Jude in inoccent position ))
Oh, Sienna how could you leave(lets not be rude saying kicked) the lil heartbreaker angel? I hope you made your better choice ;)

Dream world

It looks like a cover for a Joan Collins book, but its actually a shot from Mr and Mrs Smith :)) Movie which I love, because makes me laugh )) What more we can want from movie ))) ?!?! And poor Brad was such a messy guy in it ...

Angie once again...

This time she is in the stormy clouds with some kind of cat )) and I like it as usual haha , because is the time of the year when u like all this goasts and stuff , right ?

Jude Law

Here we go... Who said that he is the sexiest man alive? Check this out :)) Since people can take away ur wrinkes why not make the most ugliest guy alive ? Ok, okey Im joking, but yes Jude is general...not in this particilar pic )) and I love his sexy british accent, which unfortunatly we cant hear now )) havent found out yet how to post sound on blog just be patient )))

Try for a wallpaper...

As you can see this is a beautiful some kind of star explosion in which from all the sudden pup's up not just somebody, but t.A.T.u. )) I think like idea is not bad..hihi Well it pretty much depends if you like Yulia and Lena or if you cant stand them and you are thinking "ohh not again"... Enjoooooy :))

guess who ?!

arent they just lovely :))It looks so real so it even freaks me out ))The two super-duper rich russian girls look like they got into trouble with the fake lesbian image )) Well, life is a bitch ))


It is not possible for me to open a page and not to mention t.A.T.u. :)
Yes, I do like them and do a lots of my practice on their pictures ;)
Here is one which I think is different from what I have done and has its own style...

Chralize what Stuard have done to you...

So here is the next victim.
Oscar winner Charlize Theron in normal condition "hollywood pretty" , but after my good help she looks like she has been hit by a track :)) Sorry Charlize, but even like that you look sexy and good, just hope some tabloid is not gonna come over and steal the pic and make some sensation from all this hahha... Get better soon ;)


Look at here face :) I took one of the best pictures of Angie and turned to ugly something )) , but I do love it.
I did post it on one forum and they have asked me if I can make her as a vampire :) I ll lie if I say I havent thought about it, but this picture is not the right one. So here she is a vampire with closed mouth :)) I like the way that you can see her veins ( have no idea how you spell this) and the scars...mmm...looks pretty cool... "Brad baby, come here I have something to show you" ... haha

The Vamp Woman

Here is one more picture of Angelina as a dangerous woman. I just like all this blood and the red color. It makes it a bit scary, but at the same time is just intensive color. I bet that if I didnt say its Angelina you wouldnt even guess who it is :))

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Angelina Jolie

So here I am and my new try to have some place where I ll post my thoughts and opinion about this and that.
As you can see this is Angelina Jolie the womam called "bitch" :). I like her exactly, because of that. She has those things in danger and temptation... I have done this picture today and I just love the way it became. The light and the bright colors are just superb...